Upcoming Events

We will be closed this Thursday the 8th of August! That’s right, no dance this Thursday!

See you on the 15th :)

Hey Y’all!  We will be closed on this upcoming 4th of July!
Enjoy fantastic times with your families & friends!!


Make America Dance Again!

And remember, Starting Thursday July the 11th we will be teaching East Coast Swing – our Dance of The Month for July!

So bring your friends and let’s have a blast!


Wylin’s Swing Euphorium
Dance Showcase Update
(Event Happening this Saturday June 29th at 6PM)

Breaking News!

Important event preparation details and announcements:

We will be open Both this Thursday at 6PM AND this Friday (perhaps right away in the morning if requested) as well.
So yes! We will be having two more practice opportunities for our group performance dances and our regular dance style demonstration dances and instrumental and voice performances.

Also, around 5PM on Saturday before the event starts at 6PM we will be having a Bavarian hair wreath making party for the girls as we prepare for the event.

No doubt you have been wondering how we are going to accommodate costume changes for our dancers.  Well here is our typical outside the box solution:  We will be setting up our large 12′ X 16′ heavy canvas wall tent complete with mirrors, clothes racks and chairs for the girls and the guys will own the table cart storage room (minus the table carts) complete with spartan equipage.

More details will be finalized on Thursday night.

So here are our group performance dance rosters and the lists of performance dance couples and instrumental or voice performers that we have so far.  Keep in mind that the regular dance style group demonstration dances are open to anyone who is at least somewhat good at those styles and has been able to get together with a partner.
We are still adding to the schedule so if you would like to perform as a couple or present a voice, instrumental or individual dance performance please contact us ASAP so we can accommodate you.

Here are the Rosters:

Polka Alemana

Guys:                    Girls:

Ruben Einfeld             Naomi McKay
Carter Johnson             Emily Otero
Christian Gustafson         Saskia Copeman
Wylin Tjoelker             Tiffany Tjoelker
Jeremiah Ramsey           Elizabeth Einfeld
Zeke Roberts              Heidi Koepp
Malachi Wonder           Esther Berdan

Little Cary‘s Gallop

Guys:                   Girls:

Carter Johnson            Elizabeth Einfeld
Jeremiah Ramsey          Tiffany Tjoelker
Thomas Strand            Naomi McKay
Ruben Einfeld            Esther Berdan

The Comical Fellow

Guys:                   Girls:

Tomas Strand             Tiffany Tjoelker
Carter Johnson            Naomi McKay
Ruben Einfeld            Rebekah Roberts
Jeremaiah Ramsey         Esther Berdan
Zeke Roberts             Elizabeth Einfled
Malachi Wonder          Heidi Koepp


Guys:                 Girls:

Jeremiah Ramsey        Naomi McKay
Thomas Strand          Saskia Copeman
Carter Johnson          Esther Berdan
Connor Morton          Elizabeth Einfeld
Zeke Roberts           Rebeka Roberts
Wylin Tjoelker          Emily Otero
Malachi Wonder         Tiffany Tjoelker
Ruben Einfeld           Heidi Koepp

Diagonal Virginia Reel:
(will be determined Thursday night)

Choreographed Couples Performance Dances

Connor Morton & Rebekah Roberts  – NC2  – Home  – by Michel Bubble

Carter Johnson & Emily Otero  – Laendler

Tiffany Tjoelker & Jeremiah Ramsey  – ECS – Where There’s Love – By Keith Green

Joshuah Petty & Saskia Copeman  – WCS  – Can’t Stop the Feeling  – Justin Timberlake

Vocal/Instrumental Performances:

Naomi McKay – The Star Spangled Banner

Ruben Einfeld & Naomi Mckay – All I Ask – from Phantom of the Opera

Tiffany Tjoelker  – A Thousand Years

Mark Gelderman  – Two Songs

Regular Group Dance style Demonstrations:

East Coast Swing

Lindy Hop

West Coast Swing

Night Club Two Step



Swing Line Dance Medley

How to ask a Lady to Dance Skit:

(Uproarious auditions will commence Thursday night)

To attain answers to your questions respond to this email
or call 360 988 0404
or message us on Facebook

It’s going to be a fantastic show brothers and sisters!  Don’t miss it!

Our signature event of the year!
Our Dance Showcase & Ice Cream Social.

Saturday, June 29th, 2019 at 6PM at the Glen Echo Community Club, 7694 Goodwin Rd., Everson, WA

You are invited to join us for a night in which our student dancers will entertain you with a variety of group and couple social performance dances, vocal and instrumental performances, and ICE CREAM!!

Our dancers will amaze you with their performances of several fun and open social dances including East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Waltz, Polka, Night Club Two Step and 18th Century Contra.

Discover first hand what a Social Dance Academy for Christian Youth is all about. Meet our fantastic young people and, if you would like to, you can even join in our very fun and easy 18th century contra dancing at the end of the evening.

Trust me, you will be both happily entertained and inspired by the character and joy of our wonderful dancers. They will fill you with confidence and hope for the future of our beautiful community.

But wait, it gets better. There is no charge to attend this event. That’s right! No hassle with tickets or anything. But if you would like, you can put something in the box to help cover the cost of the ice cream, etc.

This is a truly unique community entertainment opportunity and we just know that you will love it! So, please, be our guests for a fantastically fun evening that you will long remember.

Quick!  Send this email on to invite all your family and friends and especially schools and church youth groups!

Here is the link to the Facebook event page:



The Life Advice for Christian Young Adults Seminar

Happening Saturday, April 27th, 2019 9AM to 10PM (If we are able to finish early we will end the day with dinner and a social dance party :)

I will be presenting on the subject most of the time but we will also be listening to your perspectives and discussing things as a group. We will also be taking lots of breaks for snacks and meals.

Please message me back or email me at wylint@hotmail.com if you are thinking of attending or if you have questions.

We will be focusing on all the significant relationships in your present and future life and will be approaching this from a thoroughly Biblical Christian Worldview and reality free of political correctness or psychobabble.

This will be the most valuable event we have ever offered to our friends and fellow dancers.

Jesus said that He came “that we may have life and that we may have it more abundantly.” Discovering how He gives us that abundant life in our relationships is the object of this seminar.

This event is specially designed for Christian young adults (Those who have arrived at a level of maturity in which they are now beginning to think about future lifelong relationships.) If you are a younger adult, and you would like to attend, we encourage you to discuss it with your parents first to be sure that they are on board with the idea. We welcome and encourage inquiries from parents.

We will be focusing extensively on your relationships with God, parents, brothers and sisters, friends, employers and coworkers, and yes, with that future special someone as well, and your future children. These are the things that are truly important. They will have more impact on you than anything else and it is through them that God will accomplish the greatest things in your life.

A life of great blessedness is truly possible for those who break free from their self centeredness and are inspired with a much more beautiful vision. But that will never happen naturally. In truth, it takes a miracle. The fantastic news is that God is the source of miracles and He knows how to give good gifts to His children.

This event is free, but please do let me know if you are coming so I can be sure to have enough notebooks etc.. Just message me or email me at wylint@hotmail.com to RSVP and pre-register.

It will be held at our regular dance venue at 7694 Goodwin Rd. Everson, WA (corner of Goodwin and South Pass roads about one mile east of Everson)

It is my endeavor that this seminar will be the greatest blessing to you that it can possibly be and I have every confidence that it will be. I look forward to discussing subjects of serious interest to you and sharing with you a very bright and positive vision for your futures.

May God bless and keep you all,



Springtime Waltz Ball

April 25th, 2019

Join us for a fantastic evening of Waltz! during our Spring Formal Dance. (We will be enjoying other dances and contra also)

You will not need a partner or previous dance experience to enjoy this evening so just come and have a great time with your friends and meet some new friends as well.

What to wear? Just try to dress more formal than you would for a normal dance evening or dress up even more. You can never look too good.

Where? At our fabulous dance club venue The Glen Echo Community Club 7694 Goodwin Rd. Everson WA. (About a mile east of Everson at the corner of Goodwin & South Pass roads.)

When? At 7:00 pm this Thursday, April 25th, 2019

How much? Just $5 per person or $3 per person for families of 3 or more.

Oh, and as always, feel free to bring any treats you would like to share with your friends and fellow dancers. This is always fantastic and our dancers really appreciate it.

If you have been thinking about seeing for yourself what our group is all about and determining if this is something you might like to do, then this would be a great opportunity to do that. Many of the dances featured at this event are group dances. You don’t need to bring a partner and you don’t need prior dance experience. So come and join us. Our people are friendly and you will be most welcome.

Hepcat PurrBall ! December 20th, 2018  (our Christmas event)

Hepcats! We are going to have a PurrBall! We will be dancing East Coast Swing (and maybe a few other dances by popular demand) the whole evening!

Our EC Swing drop in class will start at 7pm followed by our social dance party from 8 till 10pm. It’s an easy dance to learn in our class so you don’t need prior dance experience to enjoy this event. (and you don’t need a partner either as everyone dances with everyone else)

This is our formal event for the month so feel free to dress up a little (or a lot)

It’s just $5 for the whole evening and if you come as a family of 3 or more members then it’s just $3 each.

This will all be happening at our fantastic dance venue at 7694 Goodwin Rd. Everson Washington (south east corner of Goodwin & South Pass roads).

Don’t miss it Hepcats, it’s going to be a blast!


Thanksgiving – We will be closed on Thanksgiving November 22nd, 2018 – So the next time we will see you will be at our Arts & Cool Dance that will be happening on Thursday November 29th, 2018


Wylin’s Swing Euphorium Monthly Dance Schedule

7694 Goodwin Road, Everson Washington

Just $5 per person or just $3 per person for families of 3 or more

7-8 PM:  Every Thursday Night Dance of the Month Class

8-10 PM:  Every Thursday Night Social Dance Party

In addition to our weekly classes and dances we will host a formal dance on

the last Thursday of every month featuring the current Dance of the Month


November 2018  West Coast Swing   Arts & Cool Dance  11-29-18

December 2018  East Coast Swing   Hepcat PurrBall  12-27-18

January 2019  Swing Line Dances   Line Art Celebration  1-31-19

February 2019  Contra Dancing!   Fezziwig’s Ball  2-28-19 

March 2019  Night Club Two Step   Country Western Ball  3-28-19

April 2019  Waltz   Springtime Ball  4-25-19

May 2019  Polka   Mayfest & Euphorium 4 Year Anniversary!  5-30-19

June 2019  Prep for:  Dance Showcase & Ice Cream Social!  Sat. 6-29-19

July 2019  East Coast Swing  Hepcat FurBall  7-25-19

August 2019  West Coast Swing  Arts & Croissants  8-29-19

September 2019  Lindy Hop  Hopmainia  9-26-19

October 2019  Polka  Oktoberfest!  10-31-19 

November 2019  Waltz  Snowflake Ball  11-21-19 

December 2019  Night Club Two Step  Country Christmas Ball  12-26-19 


West Coast Swing!

Our dance of the month for November 2018

Join our every Thursday night classes which start at 7pm and run until 8pm to learn this very cool and artistic social dance.  West Coast is danced to some of the coolest music there is.  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn this incredible dance that should be part of every social dancer’s skill set.

Oktoberfest Polka Dance Celebration October 25th, at 7PM

Presenting our first annual Oktoberfest Polka Dance Celebration!

With an introductory Polka Class at 7PM proceeding to our evening of Polka dancing from 8 to 10 PM on Thursday, October the 25th.

Admission is just $5 per person for the whole evening or $3 per person for families of 3 or more.

You don’t need a partner. (We are all friends here and everyone dances with everyone else)

Please feel free to dress the part for this dance. Something like an Austrian, German, Swiss or eastern European dirndl dress

for the girls if you have it or can make it or by it, or you can just dress kind of formal.
But sorry, we won’t be serving beer, but we will prepare some really great punch for this event.

Where? At our fantastic venue – the historic Glen Echo Schoolhouse at 7694 Goodwin Road – Everson, Washington
(at the corner of Goodwin and South Pass Roads east of Everson)

This is going to be a really fun event at which we will enjoy some fantastic Polka dancing and lots of great times with friends. If you’ve never been to The Euphorium before this would be a great time to check it out.

So come and celebrate the fantasticness of Fall and Polka dancing!
Thursday, October 25th at 7PM

Formal Waltz Ball

Thursday, September 27th at 7Pm till 10PM


Wylin’s Swing Euphorium presents their first annual Formal Waltz Ball. Starting with an introductory Waltz class at 7PM and proceeding to their social dance ball at 8PM till 10PM


Addmission is just $5 per person for the whole evening or $3 per person for families of 3 or more.


You don’t need to come with a partner (practically no one does) (we are all friends here and everyone dances with everyone else, no exclusivity, no elitism, no snobbery. Just a lot of fantastic fun, joy and friendship.)


You don’t need prior dance experience (you can learn to dance in our introductory class at 7PM and you can also come this Thursday at 7pm for one of our month of September waltz classes)


Dress? Yes! and feel free to dress as formal as you have always wanted to. This is your opportunity to sparkle and shine. And gentlemen, make a real effort to dress your best for this event. This is how you can show honor and respect for the ladies who have put so much effort into looking so well for this occasion.


Where? At our fantastic venue – the historic Glen Echo Schoolhouse at 7694 Goodwin Road

Everson, Washington

(at the corner of Goodwin and South Pass Roads east of Everson)


This is going to be a truly fantastic event dancing waltz with some of the most friendly people you will ever meet to some of the most beautiful music in existence.


Don’t turn into a pumpkin! Come and join the fun on the evening of Thursday, the 27th of September :)



Waltz! September 2018

We will be teaching Waltz for the beautiful month of September. Everyone should learn this classic dance.

And then on Thursday September 27th we will be hosting a Formal Waltz Ball. So join our waltz class every Thursday night at 7PM starting this Thursday the 6th of September.

At the historic Glen Echo Community Club 7694 Goodwin Rd. Everson WA corner of Goodwin and South Pass roads east of Everson.


All ages are welcome, Most of our dancers are between the ages of 6 to 26.

Every Thursday night: Class at 7PM, Social Dance Party from 8 to 10 PM. Just $5 per person for the whole evening or $3 per person for families of 3 or more.

Ice Cream Social & Dance Showcase  Saturday June 30th, 2018 at 6PM to 10PM


Discover the possibilities of social dancing for homeschool youth, and enjoy a uniquely entertaining evening as well (and there’s Ice Cream too!) Saturday June 30th at 6PM :)



Christmas formal Ball

Our Christmas formal Ball will be held on the 4th of January 2018 starting at 7PM.  This will be a fun event! Don’t miss it!


The Jane Austen Ball!

November the 16th, 2017 6:00 PM

Our Premier Event! Come one, come all, to our fantastic Jane Austen Ball! Come in 1700s or Regency Era costume, or come modern formal. Men are encouraged to wear hats (and we don’t mean baseball caps!) a formal or historical hat is what we have in mind. (research Scala hats)

Colonial Contra Dancing form 6PM to 7:30PM with potluck dinner to follow. Bring a hot dish, or a side dish, or a desert – whatever ya want – it’l be interesting! After dinner we will be watching an excellent Jane Austen movie on the big screen with super surround sound!!

Cost: $10 per person or $6 per person for 3 or more persons from the same imediate family. Bring your parents and younger brothers and siters – they can always watch if they don’t dance, but the very simple colonial contra dancing we do is super easy to do with minimal instruction, and it’s a blast!!.
This is going to be fabulous ladies and gentlemen! Don’t miss it!!

IMG_5799 IMG_5762 IMG_5854 IMG_5860 IMG_5964 IMG_5981 IMG_5997IMG_5875


Past Events:

Our Fall Costume Masquerade Dance!  

Thursday October 5th, 2017    Starting at 7:00 Pm

A Masquerade Dance! In costume of your choice (but not scary as we are kid friendly) or come dressed formal! We will be serving cake and Edallen Dairy Ice Cream! You can also bring your favorite snack to share if you like. Cost is $10 per person or $6 per person if you come in a group of 3 or more members of your immediate family. And yes! there will be Contra dancing also! Woo Hoo!!!



Wylin’s Swing Euphorium
Saturday September 16th, 2017 Breakfast at 8AM

Rescheduled Euphoric Hike!  Goat Mountain – New Date and times!

Your fantastic day begins with an outstanding breakfast served by your hosts at 8:00AM : Eggs, Sausage, Bacon, Pancakes, Waffles, English muffins, Bran muffins, and for desert: our piece De Resistance: The Breakfast Delicacy – Oatmeal Ala-mode! (with Edaleen Dairy Ice Cream no less)

Next, at 9:00AM, we will carpool to the Goat Mountain Trailhead and enjoy a wonderful hike through the mysteriously dark old forest complete with ancient burned out cedar trees to emerge in the open lookout area, eat our lunches and gaze upon the majestic mountains to the south: Mt Sefrit, Nooksack Ridge, Mt. Shuksan, and Mt. Baker.

On our way back to your host’s home we will descend upon Graham’s World Famous Restaurant in Glacier for an amazing dinner and hearty camaraderie!

Please RSVP as we will need to know how much food to attain for breakfast.  If you can’t make it to our 8:00 AM breakfast but would still like to go on the hike just arrive at our place before we leave at 9:00AM:

Wylin & Hilda Tjoelker
4950 Reese Hill Rd.
Sumas, Washington

Email:  wylint@hotmail.com or call 360-988-0404 to RSVP

Bring enough water for a 3/4 day hike, sturdy shoes, insect repelant, a hat for sun, and a bit to eat for lunch.  Long pants are also suggested.
If we need to purchase additional Trailhead Passes for your vehicles (we have two passes) we can do that at The Glacier Ranger Station on our way to the trailhead.
Goat Mountain trail is 3.2 miles to the see the view and eat your lunch turnaround point.

We hope you can make it to this most fantastic dance club event of the year!  It will be a blast!!

Euphoric Hike – Goat Mountain – Breakfast at 8:00 AM  Carpool to Trailhead at 9:00AM  Saturday, September 16th, 2017


We will be hosting a Swing Reunion Dance for all of you returning from warm, sunny places on the 9th of January, 2017 at 7:00 PM.  Feel free to dress up a bit as this is sure to be a festive occasion.

The Euphorium will then be taking a Winter Break and will be closed from January 10th through February 12th, until:

Our Valentines Day Formal Dance on February 13th, 2017 starting at 7:00 PM.  Dress as formal as you like and feel free to bring snacks.  No partner necessary but please do bring all your friends



Past Events:


Starting Monday the 14th of November with the first of  our 8PM to 9PM guest instructor classes (Waltz) taught by Chris & Patty :)

Monday November 21st (Foxtrot)

Monday November 28th (American Tango)


Our First Year Anniversary Celebration!  Monday, May the 16th, 2016 at 7 PM

Come celebrate the completion of our first year as a dance club!  Relive great memories while our slideshow of all our photos from our first year runs continuously on the south wall as we are dancing the night away!  Hilda will be serving her fantastic homemade cakes with Edaleen Dairy ice cream!  Come and reminisce with friends and meet some new friends as well.  We will all have a fantastic time :)


Our Canadian American Friendship Formal Dance  Friday, April 22nd, 2016

Come and cellebrate Canadian American unity and togetherness at our Friendship Formal Dance. Featuring a drop in East Coast Swing class at 7 PM followed by a social dance party at 8 PM. There will be homemade cake and Edaleen Dairy ice cream and snacks. Check out our newly cleaned and enhanced, dry, smooth and now very danceable dance floor. It promises to be a wonderful evening for everyone. Feel free to come dressed just as formal as you would like to.  No partner or experiance neccessary. Just 8 minutes south of the Sumas border crossing or 25 minutes north of Bellingham. Addmission is just $5.00 US

Reconnect with old friends and meet new friends.  Come to our Canadian American Friendship Formal :)


The Euphorium Valentine’s Day Formal  Friday February 12th, 2015 at 7pm

Dress your best for one of our best dances of the year! Come single, or come as a couple. Bubbles, Roses, snacks, fabulous homemade cake, Edaleen Dairy ice cream and all for only $10 per person at the door.  We will be having an absolutely lovely time :)


The Euphorium’s Pre-New Years Celebration Dance!  Will be held on Monday the 28th of December at 7pm

Here is our Facebook Event page:   https://www.facebook.com/events/760352797432724/

We will be serving Hilda cake and Edaleen Dairy ice cream and snacks.  We will also have party hats, tiaras, horns, noisemakers, bubbles and anything else we can think of!  We, dear friends,  are going to have a blast! :) !

Unfortunately, however, we will not be able to do the fireworks display that we had planned to do because, as the Fire Marshall has told us, consumer fireworks are only allowed on New Years Eve and New years Day, and as we were not able to attain our venue on those days, we thus won’t be able to do the fireworks.  :(  Very sorry about that, but hey, we will be having so much fun dancing that we will forget all about the fireworks anyway! :)  😉  (we will do Party poppers and confetti instead – totally legal and we won’t have to stand out in the rain!)  :)

See you then friends, 😉

Wylin & Family


The Euphorium’s Christmas Formal Dance will be held on Monday, the 14th of December 2015, at 7 pm

Here is our facebook event page:   https://www.facebook.com/events/1675954419313668/

This is your opportunity to come dressed formal to the max (or you can just come dressed in the best threads you have)

We will be serving home made cake and Edaleen Dairy ice cream and, as always, there will be roses for all the ladies. 😉

Don’t miss it!  It’s going to be a formal blast!

See you then, dear friends,

Wylin & Family


Our much anticipated Jane Austen Ball will be held on Friday the 20th of November, 2015 at 7pm  Cost: just $10 per guest or $30 per family.

Click here to open our Jane Austin Ball Facebook Event Page

Jane Austen Ladies

We will, as usual, be pulling out all the stops for this event.  Many participants will be coming in Regency Era costume but anything 1740’s to 1820’s will fit in just fine as well.  Never fear however if you are not able to attain a costume in time for you can also come dressed current formal.

Jane group addressing the Presence

We will be enjoying contra dancing (including the “La Boone Amite'” – a 17th century French contredance.)  We will also try our hand at English and Scottish country dancing.  These are very easy dances to learn quickly and we will also have callers to guide us through them.  We are actively searching for a live orchestra to perform for us.

– Very Exiting News! We have an English Country Dance caller and musician who will be adding his expertise to our Jane Austen Ball event! His name is Barry Cole and he is a man of exceptional skill as both a musician, (he plays 20 different instruments), and as a caller, (for English Country, Scottish Country, Irish, you name it)!

But wait!- That’s not all.  we now also are privileged to host the authentic three piece English, Irish, Scottish country & contra band: Heliotrope!  This just keeps getting more and more fantastic!

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn and enjoy some incredibly fun and historic dances with your friends and family!

Just ask yourself – What would Jane do?

Austen family presented to Mr Darcy

We will also be indulging in our usual homemade cake and Edaleen Dairy ice cream.  Event participants have graciously offered to bring 17th and 18th century treats so we look forward to indulging in those as well.

not if he can help it

This Jane Austen Ball is looking like it will be our signature event for our dance club’s first year.  It’s an event you won’t want to miss.  :)

Sisters on balcony