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Snowflake Masquerade Waltz Ball  November 21st, 2019

Join us for a fantastic evening of Waltz! during our Snowflake Masquerade Ball (We will be enjoying other dances and contra also)

You do not need a partner or previous dance experience to enjoy this evening so just come and have a great time with your friends and meet some new friends as well.

What to wear? This is your opportunity to dress formal to the max! You can never look too good. And you even get to wear masks! And we all know how much you want to do that! ūüėČ

Oh! and there’s more! We won’t be having any boring class! That’s right! No class! Just fantastic dancing and socializing the whole evening long! However, our very own Tiffany Holden will be teaching waltz on the previous Thursday the 14th of November so if you are new or would just like to sharpen your skills then by all means join us this coming Thursday.

We might even dim the lights! I hear whispers that other special things are being planned by various groups of our dancers as well. So who knows what surprises are in store :)

Where? At our fabulous dance club venue The Glen Echo Community Club 7694 Goodwin Rd. Everson WA. (About a mile east of Everson at the corner of Goodwin & South Pass roads.)

When? At 7:00 pm Thursday, November 21st, 2019

How much? Just $5 per person or $3 per person for families of 3 or more.

Oh, and as always, feel free to bring any treats you would like to share with your friends and fellow dancers. This is always fantastic and our dancers really appreciate it.

If you have been thinking about seeing for yourself what our group is all about and determining if this is something you might like to do, then this would be a great opportunity to do that. Many of the dances featured at this event are group dances. You don’t need to bring a partner and you don’t need prior dance experience. So come and join us. Our people are friendly and you will be most welcome.


We Will NOT be opening the Glen Echo for dance tonight, the 7th of November 2019. 

Instead we invite you to show up to either performance dance or just watch and support our dancers at Everson Library : (104 Kirsch Dr, Everson) at 6PM and/or Sumas Library and Senior Center: (451 W 2nd St, Sumas) at 7PM. See our earlier announcement below:

Your opportunity to performance dance! We need four couples to dance demonstration and performance Swing for the Thursday November 7th Everson Library anniversary event (see below) You can dance East Coast, West Coast, Lindy Hop, or Charleston. As few or as many dances as we can fit into our one hour performance time. At 7PM we all drive to Sumas Library/Senior Center for social dancing with a live band. Our own dance venue at Glen Echo will not be open that Thursday November 7th evening.

Email me at wylint@hotmail.com or Facebook message me if you would like to participate in the Everson 6PM performance.

Original Announcement:


Oktoberfest! Thursday October the 31st, 2019 Starting at 6PM

Come and join in the fun as we sit down to a fabulous potluck dinner complete with apple strudel by world famous German chef Rolf Young!

We will even be serving our hot Kinderpunch again (but with less cinnamon and cloves this time)

Then sit back and watch some German dances by our performance team.

And then you can dance the night away with a variety of dance styles like East Coast Swing, Night Club Two Step, Waltz, Contra and of course Polka!

Don’t miss this fantastic once a year opportunity!

Just $5 each or $3 each for families of 3 or more.

7694 Goodwin Rd. Everson WA

In the Glen Echo Community Club (corner of Goodwin & South Pass roads one mile east of Everson)



Make America Dance Again!

And remember, Starting Thursday July the 11th we will be teaching East Coast Swing Рour Dance of The Month for July!

So bring your friends and let’s have a blast!Announcing!



Our signature event of the year!
Our Dance Showcase & Ice Cream Social.

Saturday, June 29th, 2019 at 6PM at the Glen Echo Community Club, 7694 Goodwin Rd., Everson, WA

You are invited to join us for a night in which our student dancers will entertain you with a variety of group and couple social performance dances, vocal and instrumental performances, and ICE CREAM!!

Our dancers will amaze you with their performances of several fun and open social dances including East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Waltz, Polka, Night Club Two Step and 18th Century Contra.

Discover first hand what a Social Dance Academy for Christian Youth is all about. Meet our fantastic young people and, if you would like to, you can even join in our very fun and easy 18th century contra dancing at the end of the evening.

Trust me, you will be both happily entertained and inspired by the character and joy of our wonderful dancers. They will fill you with confidence and hope for the future of our beautiful community.

But wait, it gets better. There is no charge to attend this event. That’s right! No hassle with tickets or anything. But if you would like, you can put something in the box to help cover the cost of the ice cream, etc.

This is a truly unique community entertainment opportunity and we just know that you will love it! So, please, be our guests for a fantastically fun evening that you will long remember.

Quick!  Send this email on to invite all your family and friends and especially schools and church youth groups!

Here is the link to the Facebook event page:


Waltz is our Dance of The Month for April!¬† Join us at 7 PM every Thursday and don’t miss our Springtime Waltz Ball on the 25th


Thanksgiving – We will be closed on Thanksgiving November 22nd, 2018 – So the next time we will see you will be at our Arts & Cool Dance that will be happening on Thursday November 29th, 2018



7694 Goodwin Road, Everson Washington

Just $5 per person or just $3 per person for families of 3 or more

7-8 PM:  Every Thursday Night Dance of the Month Class

8-10 PM:  Every Thursday Night Social Dance Party

In addition to our weekly classes and dances we will host a formal dance on

the last Thursday of every month featuring the current Dance of the Month


November 2018  West Coast Swing   Arts & Cool Dance  11-29-18

December 2018  East Coast Swing   Hepcat PurrBall  12-27-18

January 2019  Swing Line Dances   Line Art Celebration  1-31-19


March 2019  Night Club Two Step   Country Western Ball  3-28-19

April 2019  Waltz   Springtime Ball  4-25-19

May 2019  Polka   Mayfest & Euphorium 4 Year Anniversary!  5-30-19

June 2019  Prep for:  Dance Showcase & Ice Cream Social!  Sat. 6-29-19

July 2019  East Coast Swing  Hepcat FurBall  7-25-19

August 2019  West Coast Swing  Arts & Croissants  8-29-19

September 2019  Lindy Hop  Hopmainia  9-26-19

October 2019  Polka  Oktoberfest!  10-31-19 

November 2019  Waltz  Snowflake Ball  11-21-19 

December 2019  Night Club Two Step  Country Christmas Ball  12-26-19 



Thursday Nights at The Euphorium!

Due to popular demand we will be changing our weekly Swing Dance Class and Dance Night from Mondays to Thursdays of each week.

Our first Thursday night weekly dance will be held on Thursday, September 14th, 2017. ¬†Invite all your friends to our First Thursday Grand Opening! ūüėČ

(to facilitate this transition we will still be open on Monday nights as well for the rest of the month of September)

So, see you  on Thursday the 14th of September for our swing drop in class at 7PM, and  for our social swing dance at 8PM, and for Contradancing at 9PM! Woo Hoo!!

Alert!!  Please note on your calendars, however, that we will be closed on the following Thursdays due to other rentals already scheduled at our venue:

Closed on Thursday October 12th, 2017

Closed on Thursday December 21st, 2017

Thursday poster 600DPI Letter 001


Our Fantastic 3 or more family members for just $3  each Deal!

This is to make dancing more affordable for large families who love to dance!

So, if just 3 or more brothers or sisters or mom or dad from the same immediate family come to dance – each of them gets in for just $3 each! (nearly half the cost of regular admission)

You are exactly the kind of people this dance club was created to serve – So this deal is for You!! ūüėČ



Hello, I’m Wylin Tjoelker, and I’d like to introduce you to our dance club.

We currently meet Every Thursday Night at 7:pm for our drop-in class and 8pm for our social dance party at the Historic Glen Echo School House on the corner of Goodwin & South Pass roads;  7694 Goodwin Rd.  Everson, Washington:

Click here for a Google Map to our Glen Echo Venue

(I have just started adding pages to this website so please check back again for new features.) 

Like us on Facebook to receive alerts about our upcoming events:  www.facebook.com/wylinswing


IMG_2151 crp 1

We are a small, family-oriented, 1940’s style swing dance venue featuring many fun and easy dances like East Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Charleston, West Coast Swing, Night Club Two Step, Waltz, Polka and Contradance.


You don’t need a partner or experience. We specialize in welcoming new people to dance. We start every Monday evening with a one hour drop-in class where we teach the beginning dance steps. You won’t get left behind in our class. We also provide individual instruction after the class.


We dance to some really fantastic classics from the 1940’s big band swing era, as well as current swing, jazz and pop music. We also welcome local high school and independent jazz bands and talented vocalists for even greater musical enjoyment.

IMG_2466 crp

We specialize in open, friendly, and stress-free dance styles. Most of our dancers are teenagers and young adults, though we also have younger and older dancers due to the large number of homeschool families who regularly dance here.


As everyone who dances with us has discovered, dancing is much easier, more fun, and more relaxing than they had anticipated, and everyone quickly becomes friends with everyone else.


One of the things I like most about our club is that our young men are true gentlemen, and our young women are true ladies – meaning that they truly care about other people. Our young men ask every lady to dance so no one feels left out. They escort them to and from the dance floor and treat them with honor and friendliness. Naturally, our ladies are gracious, cheerful and friendly in response. Most of our dancers are Christians, so they treat people with kindness, and try to be a real blessing to them.

IMG_2455 crp

Many good things happen because of this. Shy and timid people gain poise and confidence, and lonely people find a whole new world of true friends.


It has been one of the greatest privileges of my life to see the happiness and joy radiating from the faces of our dancers, and to see them making wonderful memories with their friends that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

IMG_3297 crp

Dancing is an excellent way to bring joy, freedom, and friendship into people’s lives, and I really want to share this with many more young people in our area.

P1070364 crp

We welcome church youth groups to come for free and discover what a wholesome activity dancing really is, or to do a dance fundraiser for their missions project.

IMG_4351 crp

To keep all this fun affordable we ask only $5 for our regular Monday evening drop-in class and social dance party. Live bands and events are $10.

So come on down and enjoy the pure euphoria of swing dancing with your friends!


If you have any questions, or if you would like us to teach a class or provide DJ music at an event you are hosting, or at your school, contact us at:

360 988-0404



IMG_5212 crp

Swing Dancing РIt’s so much more than just a fun social activity!


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